Four double story Townhouses located in a prime area of Reservoir were Proudly delivered to their new owners. The brief of each unit was different, so these units were individually designed to meet the needs of their owners.

The modern contemporary façade with stonework stands proud and creates a sense of classic elegance from the street. Incorporating natural elements throughout the design brings the textures and colours into the homes.

Kitchens, combined with a living room, allow for easy family interaction. Also, the Kitchens have direct access to private open space to facilitate dining outside.

The design is flexible and can adapt with the changing requirements over time; one room on first floor was designed to be used either as a bedroom with ensuite or a siting room. Spaces were divided into noisy and quiet areas and the noisy zones were put close to each other in adjoining units, so minimal noise will disturb the families.

It is a fusion that works intellectually, socially and creatively, a dwelling that provides shelter and functions perfectly for daily life and provides a beautiful living environment.