An architect has the professional training, vision, and experience to oversee the entire design and construction process. They can also help define and create the building of your dreams
This can vary depending on project complexity and the scope of the architect’s involvement. Fees may be worked out on an hourly rate, an agreed fixed sum, or percentage of building costs.
Yes. This occurs during the actual development of the building design. An architect will discuss the merits and likely costs associated.
Information that will help an architect meets your needs, including insights into your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and preferred architectural styles. An idea of budget and project timeframe is also helpful
A detailed collection of drawings and specifications to ensure that a building or extension is built to exact requirements and standards.
The level of documentation on plans can vary dramatically, depending on their purposes. Just like not all cars are the same. The quality of documentation by architects is far more superior than those produced by drafting services, which may save you tens of thousands of dollars during construction.
Architects are space designers. We manipulate both internal and external spaces and come up with interesting and well-integrated solutions.
This can involve recommending builders whose work they regard as being of a high standard. They can also check workmanship quality and troubleshoot when necessary
While many domestic works in Australia are built by builders without an architect, the benefit of hiring an architect can ensure that the work by builders is independently assessed and tailored to your needs and budget. It also offers you the opportunity for competitive tendering which will give you the best market price. Our house is our most valuable investment, why would you want to take a risk and jeopardize it?
We will depend on you to communicate about your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Your timely response to questions and design submissions will help keep the project on track. It is also important for you to raise any concerns you have as the project proceeds, so they can be addressed in the earliest stages. Working in partnership with us, you will help achieve a successful outcome for your project.