August 2015

CMSArchitects new home of unsurpassed family luxury creates stir in market


In June 2015, Housing Choices Australia officially launched the Dunlop St accommodation in Wangaratta, which was another successful project by cmsArchitects. [more]

Four double story Townhouses located in a prime area of Reservoir were Proudly delivered to their new owners. [more]

CMSArchitects is pleased to announce that another project was successfully finished and delivered to the client. [more]

Sept 2014 Minister opens Housing Project for people with disabilities for Housing Choices Australia [ more]

May 2014 Chris Shields meets with former Premier Ted Baillieu to Launch Architects Digital time capsule [More ]

May 2014 An Eye for Detail at Fed Square, 1990’s Architecture, Arts and Culture by Chris Shields [More ]

Feb 2014 Darebin Sustainable Living Expo
– Shields presents at Darebin Sustainable Living Expo. His committment to sound sustainable design principles is demonstrated in providing advice on ways to improve sustainability for home owners. Contact Chris if you need advice on improving the sustainability of your home. [More ]

March 2012 Sustainability Awards Submission (Raglan St Daylesford)[More ]

February 2012 Institute of Architects Awards Submission (St Kilda Crisis Accomodation) [More ]

December 2011  CMS Architects Sustainability Awards Finalist[More  ] March 2011 Institute of Architects Awards Submission[More  ]

December2010CMS ARCHITECTS Nominated for Melbourne Design Awards[More ]

July 2010Rotary Club Preston Reaches $1 Million in Donation [More ]

June 2010 CMS Architects Nominated for Steel Awards [More ]


May 2010 Upton Rd PDF Presentation- Doug Parker [More]

April  2010 Upton Rd PDF Presentation- Doug Parker [More ]

March 2010 Upton Rd PDF Presentation- Doug Parker  [More]

December 2009 Upton Rd PDF Presentation- Doug Parker [Low Resolution or High Resolution]

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May 2008
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March 2008
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February 2008 Constructive Approach needed for housing in Darebin Community [More…]

January 2008Five star energy rating a flawed concept in brave new world of climate change [More…]