New Homes and Renovations 

The prospect of a new home or a major renovation is one of the highlights of one’s life, and CMS Architects enjoy sharing their expertise with families to make sure that the house works best for the family’s requirements. Aesthetics are tremendously important, as is the liveability of the new space.


With each family having specific living requirements and needs that must be met with smart design, Chris Shields makes a point to remind people that there’s no such thing as a standard home.


“Every family will have issues over the course of their living in the house, and many people come to CMS Architects asking for a ‘standard’ house. Initially they find it difficult to concede that there’s no such thing. All families are different and all have their own needs,” says Shields.


What clients do come to realise is that the design of either a new home or a renovation will have a huge impact on living outcomes, so looking critically at exactly what the needs of the family is now and in the future is an important part of the process. As long as the efficient use of materials, resources, and maintenance is considered, Shields asserts that a ‘standard’ layout doesn’t have to be followed.

Smart design will ensure that the needs of adult children, aging parents, or family members with special needs, for example, are taken into account when creating a space that is appealing and functional for the entire family.

More than ever, people are running their business from home. CMS Architects have created office suites for clients that have a separate entry, but can be integrated back into the main household if required.

“We find that increasingly, families are staying together for longer for a variety of reasons. Not only are adult children living at home longer, but at the other end of the scale, parents are interested in remaining a part of the family and contributing to the life of the family,” says Shields. “Separate and integrated living spaces enable family harmony because family members have some flexibility in their lifestyle.”