VALUE: $800,000

A multi-generational home with the ability to provide shared accommodation for the family and their grandparents under one roof.  The private large rumpus and bedroom with ensuite on the ground floor allows  comfort for those who might be less able bodied.  Meanwhile the upper floor consists of  multiple large bedrooms  with walk in robes and bathrooms with access to a family area and balcony that values quietness and privacy. The large and spacious living areas located towards the back are designed to enable comfortable gathering without the feeling of  crowdedness. This allows manoeuvring between spaces easily and freely.  The living area and kitchen’s large bi-fold doors steps into a fully equipped verandah  and backyard which sits at the highest point of the naturally sloping land, with a view of the city skylines.  The home is planned to maximise comfort, accessibility, privacy and entertainment  at a luxurious level.