VALUE: $180 K

The changes include an exciting extension and re-orientation of the previous master bedroom. The alteration makes way for a new hallway, while providing abundant room for a new bedroom to exist in place of the previous. Natural light flows into the new hallway, via full height windows located halfway through the hall. These windows, facing a northern direction, serve in drawing light, as well as presenting a tranquil view into the ‘lungs’ of the home, that is the centrally located, open air Japanese style garden & timber decked courtyard.

On the other side of the home, and by removing a wall once dividing the living and kitchen area, these spaces now combine to create an open living environment. In these spaces, bi-fold doors located on the northern wall allow a distinctly unique view to be captured, with a raised Japanese style sun deck & water feature wall, these timber framed glass bi-folds allow natural light to flow directly into these spaces, drawing in the warmth of the winter sun into the home.